Stepping Stones High School is the best school in Aurangabad. We have been running the CBSE curriculum for more than 2 decades and have been awarded the best CBSE school in Aurangabad by multiple institutions.We represent a fresh perspective of the present and a glimmer of the future. Our school establishes a strong foundation for happy and successful adult life. Along with academic excellence, our school focuses on the holistic development of the student. It is where both the educator and the learner explore the world.

Our school offers both the CBSE (national) and the IGCSE (international) curriculum, allowing you to choose the best curriculum for your child. We are the only school in Aurangabad offering an International curriculum. With a campus spread across 18 acres, we provide state-of-the-art facilities for education, technology, sports, performing arts, visual arts, and a wide range of co-curricular activities. Its buildings have been designed with great care to suit the purpose of the all-round development of a child and gift them an atmosphere of the home – their own comfort zone. The landscape of learning and teaching trends is changing rapidly, and our teachers are facilitators of this change. In addition, technology has become pervasive in our lives, and we have taken care to implement this in our classrooms as well.

Along with a stellar academic record, we are renowned for our range of co-curricular activities that offer our students the ideal platform for expressing themselves and attaining their highest potential. We have been Awarded the Top School by ELETS in 2018.We instil in our students the desire to develop an informed curiosity, to question and explore, and apply their cognitive processes to everything they experience. This is implemented through several unique methods of learning that make every student look forward to a new day at school.

Additionally, our associations with various reputed organizations like IC3, Join Biotics, World Link Foundation, Furtados School of Music, La Liga, and NBA give our students the cutting edge over their contemporaries.

Stepping Stones High School received an award for Innovative Practices for Academic Excellence by ELETS World Education Summit 2021.

Stepping Stones High School was ranked one of the TOP SCHOOLS OF INDIA 2018 by ELETS.

Our Story

Thirty-five years ago, a pre-school named Toddlers Nursery came into existence due to the quintessential foresight of Mrs. Insiyyah Hussain. After fifteen years of very successfully running a pre-school, the idea of building a school took shape. However, it took another five years of planning and hard work to finally make Stepping Stones High School a reality with sixty-five students and a contingent of eight very young enthusiastic teachers in the first year.
Stepping Stones High School started off as a CBSE affiliated school in 2003. Thinking, Questioning, and Reflecting are the key components of the curriculum. We encourage learning through a broad and balanced curriculum, which stresses activities that emphasize exploration, problem-solving, active involvement, language development, and a range of well-planned play opportunities. This helps the learners to develop out-of-the-box thinking and is a shift away from traditional rote learning.
However, over the years, we have understood the value of changing with the world and now offer our students the IGCSE curriculum as well. Our international curriculum establishes a global standard for education and is recognized by colleges and companies worldwide. It is adaptable, challenging, and motivating while being culturally sensitive and worldwide in scope. The curriculum assures holistic character development, and the children participate in active learning. As a result, they develop a practical approach towards their education that creates a lasting passion for learning.
Stepping Stones High School is an ever-developing institution, and we have very recently started hostel admissions for our students. Our hostels have state-of-the-art infrastructure with AC rooms and 24x7 CCTV surveillance and security. The students will also have special academic support to help them. In addition, the hostels are equipped with wifi and high-speed internet services to ensure that our students are offered the best facilities. Our hostel staff is experienced and well-qualified, and we offer all these and more at a very affordable fees structure.

Stepping Stones High School proudly hosted the IC3 regional forum 2020 in association with the IC3 Institute. More than 120 schools Principals, Heads of Institutes, Teachers and counsellors around Marathwada region attended the forum.